Moxie 3 Month Review (Bonsai and Fiverr Workspace Killer?)

Today, I’m digging into a new tool called Moxie, which, according to their website, is a set of “stupid good tools for freelancers.”

It’s business management software that handles everything from client management, project management, accounting, proposals, calendar, invoices, and more. I’m not going to take a lot of time to show the features as they’re presented on their website because you can do that on your own time. What I am going to do is jump right behind the curtain and take this for a test drive.

You can watch my video walkthrough to take a peek at the interface and full feature set. When I originally recorded the video, it was the first time I was seeing the software for myself, so you get to watch my first impressions and get a sense for how easy (or not so easy) it is to find your way around.

But let’s jump ahead to the future – now – when I’ve been using is for over 3 months and have a little more hands-on experience with Moxie. And I can say…. I like it. It’s a nice platform, and I’m moving everything from my old software onto Moxie. It does everything I need, and more.

It’s comparable to some other tools I’ve used in the past, but adds a few new bells and whistles. A couple features I particularly enjoy is the built-in appointment scheduler and the unified inbox.

The scheduler is your run of the mill Calendly alternative (you can see it in action when you book a Brain Picking session with me, or a Discovery Call over at, but having it built directly into my client management platform is very nice and removes the need to use additional software to sync your information from one platform to another.

And the Inbox feature allows me to capture all of my inbound client emails in a centralized location. After syncing my email account, Moxie will sniff out any emails coming from anyone who is registered as a client/contact in Moxie, and pull that email into their Inbox. This makes it easy to read and respond to client communications without having to filter through my (very large and unkempt) Gmail inbox.

Watch the video for a full walkthrough. And if you want to kick the tires yourself, you can try it out for free today at (referral link).

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