Best Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals for Freelancers and Small Businesses 2022

My top Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2022 deals for small businesses and freelancers, straight from my personal toolkit. Get great prices on everything from email marketing, online coaching platforms, website builders, hosting, digital courses, video editing tools, and more!


📧 MailerLite (get 3 months free, valid 11/21-12/5) – (affiliate link)

💥 Sendspark (lifetime deal starting at $49 + 10% off with AppSumo’s Black Friday Sale) – (affiliate link)

💬 Upcoach (only $1/month, valid 11/20-11/30) – (affiliate link)

🏆 DigitalMarketer (63-85% off all products, sale goes live 11/24-11/28) – (affiliate link)

🖥️ Elementor (save up to 30%, valid 11/22-11/30) – (affiliate link)

💻 Brizy Builder (40% off all plans, valid 11/21-11/30) – (affiliate link)

🌐 Hostinger (save up to 80%) – (affiliate link)

Flywheel (get 4 months free, valid 11/21-11/30) – (affiliate link)

🧑‍💻 WPMU Dev (83.5% lifetime discount on annual Agency Plan) – (affiliate link)

🥷 WP Manage Ninja (40% off) – (affiliate link)

🔌 WP Developer (up to 80% off ) – (affiliate link)

✂️ Recut (50% off, valid 11/25-11/28) – (affiliate link) WATCH MY REVIEW HERE

🎥 MotionVFX (30% off everything, 50% off select products) – (affiliate link)

🌮 AppSumo Black Friday Sale (runs until 11/29 at 12 CST) (affiliate link)

🍈 Melon (new lower prices AND save 20% on your first billing cycle with link) – (affiliate link)

🎨 VistaCreate (50% of Annual Pro subscription) –

✈️ Business Made Simple ($100 off your first year, valid thru 11/26) –

🥾 Brerro Business Foundations Bootcamp (save 30% with code “SIDEKICK”, valid 11/21-11/28) –

Black Friday is upon us. 

Get ready to be mercilessly bombarded with advertisements for INSANE, ALL-TIME-LOW-PRICE, CAN’T MISS DEALS OF THE DECADE!!!!!!

Love it or hate it, there are some GOOD deals out there. If you are a small business owner on a budget, or someone trying to grow your side gig without spending a lot, this could be a great opportunity to save some money on tools and training to help you grow your business. But there’s a LOT of stuff floating around out there. So I thought I would try to help you cut through the clutter, point you in the direction of what I think are legitimately good deals worth your consideration, and highlight a few gems from some smaller players that don’t have a huge commission-driven YouTuber army at their disposal –  in fact, be sure to watch through the end because I’ll be sharing one deal that I can guarantee you won’t hear about anywhere else.

I will include links below. I will label them if they are affiliate links. Using these links is a wonderful way you can help support the channel. Liking, subscribing, and leaving a comment is another way you can show some love AND hit the notification bell because I might be posting some more content throughout the week if any more killer deals arise.

But regardless of me earning any sweet sweet commissions, I will only be recommending tools that I ACTUALLY – for myself or for clients – and that I would personally vouch for.

So, with that out of the way. Let’s get on to our first deal:


If you need an email marketing service, I highly recommend MailerLite. They have always offered a solid service, at a really fair price point compared to the competition, straight forward interface, they stay in their lane (I love you Freddy, but you’re getting a little… bloated), and a generous free tier for folks who are just starting out. But if you already have a larger list or want to tap into some of their more advanced features, you can grab a pro plan starting at just $9/mo for 1,000 subscribers. And this week, you can get 3 months for free if you sign up for an annual subscription.


Moving on to a really neat sales tool I’ve been using called Sendspark. This lets you record and send personalized videos to leads and customers. I’ve been using it for following up on discovery calls, introducing proposals, or onboarding new clients. Instead of sending a lengthy email, you can give people more of a face to face experience. At the time of this recording, they haven’t announced a Black Friday promo on their own site, but they are currently offering a lifetime deal through AppSumo (more on them in bit), so you can forego the subscription altogether and pay one super discounted fee and have access to Sendspark for life. And you can stack any discounts that AppSumo is running for their Cyber Week sale, to bring that price down even lower. 


UpCoach is running probably the most generous deal of the lot. Through November 30 you can grab a subscription for only $1 a month. This is the platform we’ve been using over at Brerro for our new Business Foundations Bootcamp, and it has everything you need to run a group or one-on-one coaching program. It has a built-in course creator, CRM, forums, tasks, habit tracker, smart docs – we use these to make digital workbooks that our students can fill out and we can see their submissions and track their progress. There’s a ton of other great stuff and it’s really customizable and catered for coaching, whereas other platforms are built more around asynchronous online courses (but you can use it for that as well). I really like it. I’ll probably do a deeper dive in the future, but you can check it out for yourself, for only $1. Right now.


Speaking of courses and training, DigitalMarketer will be kicking off their Annual Black Friday Super Sale on Thursday. They are knocking 60-85% off ALL of their products.

These guys literally wrote the book on digital marketing and offer some of the best training by some of the best people in the industry. I am a Digital Marketer Certified Partner, I’ve trained with them and use their material in a lot of my own client trainingings, and it’s really good stuff.  If you are looking for a introduction on how to run Facebook Ads or learn effective Email Marketing flows for your own small business, or you offer marketing services to small businesses and want to be a Content Marketing Master or a Conversion Optimization Wizard they have everything from beginner level course to full-blown certifications and pro-level masterclasses across a wide range of topics.

I’ve linked to their website below, but depending on when you watch this, their sale might not be live yet, but you can still do some window shopping and see if there’s anything you might like to come back to and get your learn on.

Any WordPress people in the house?


Elementor is running their Black Friday sale this week (30%), King of website builders. My go-to for just about all of my client projects. Elementor is easy enough to use for newbies to whip up a nice looking website without much hassle, but it’s advanced enough to do some really complex and custom stuff, but still without having to touch much code. There’s a huge user and developer community, lots of integrations and add-ons, and THEY are regularly adding on new features, baking a lot of functionality into one product, that you used to need to install multiple plugins to achieve the same results. There is a free version available and you can stretch it pretty far, but their Pro version unlocks so much more power and I think it’s absolutely worth it, especially if you can grab up to 30% off this week.

Brizy Builder & Brizy Cloud

Brizy is another builder I’ve been playing around with and really enjoying. And I’m especially impressed with how light it is. Elementor, I will say, if you’re not careful with how you use it, can slow down your website a bit. But the sites I’ve built on Brizy are quite snappy. It’s worth taking a look if you want something simple. I also need to mention, they have a WordPress Builder, but they also have a cloud version of their service – so if you DON’T want to deal with WordPress and setting up your own hosting, all that jazz, and you are interested in more a SquareSpace, all inclusive website builder platform, Brizy Cloud is worth a look. I’m running one client site with Brizy Cloud, and it’s been a breeze. They are very reasonably priced. Even more so now with their Black Friday sale knocking 40% off all plans.


Speaking of hosting. 3 of my go-to options are running sales this week.

We have 3 different providers offering 3 different tiers of service for 3 different use cases:

Hostinger is great, if you want bargain barrel prices, with fine service – not going to blow your mind – shared hosting that’s more than adequate for a simple website or blog – I’m actually currently  hosting Self Employment Sidekick and Brerro’s sites on Hostinger. Paired with their Lightspeed Cache setup and using Brizy Builder, is rocking between a 95-100% performance score on GTMetrix! Not too shabby!

And you can grab a plan at up to 80% off this week. 


If you want something a little more. Faster, feature rich, and have incredible technical support standing by to help get you out of a bind – check out Flywheel. They offer managed WordPress hosting. It comes at a higher price point than what you’ll find from a shared hosting plan from Hostinger or Blue Host, but it really is a different level of service, and you can get 4 months free with code: cyberweekend22

I would recommend Flywheel for small businesses or solopreneurs that really want to make sure they have a solid and well supported website. They also have plans and add-on services that really appeal to web designers and agencies.

But if you are an agency or someone who builds and manages multiple websites for multiple clients, than you have to check out this next deal:


WPMU Dev – These guys have been around for a while. Originally focusing on a line up of premium WordPress plugins like Smush (for image optimization) and Defender (for security). Their pro plugins are still tops, and you can get access to all of them with their membership, but over the past few years they’ve been rolling out an even more incredible toolset, including really good dedicated hosting, a website management hub, client billing tools, and they just announced they are selling domains. It’s just about everything you need if you are a WordPress web designer or developer. And for Black Friday you can lock in over 80% off their awesome Agency Plan!

Video Creation Tools

If you are a video creator, a couple quick deals on some go-to tools – Recut is 50% off from November 25-28 – tiny window to grab this absolute gem. It’s saved me so much time. Be sure to check out my full review and walkthrough here. And down there.

And MotionVFX is running a Black Friday Sale – has been running a sale all this month. MotionVFX are the people who have made it possible for me to add all of these wonderful flourishes to my videos. You can grab 30% off of all of their effects, transitions, and template packs, AND 50% off select packs that they’ve been changing up throughout the month. Looks like this week they are featuring mTransition Distorion, mChannel Glitch, mPrism, and m16mm.

Two more things I’ll mention before we wrap up. 


AppSumo is running their annual Black Friday sale. They’ve brought back a number of popular tools this week, you can save 10% on already steeply discounted lifetime deals on services such as vBout, Happy Scribe, Squirrly SEO, and Sendspark as I mentioned earlier. Warning. Places like AppSumo are a shiny object syndrome storm surge. It’s easy to get bit by the FOMO bug and buy up a bunch of stuff that you honestly don’t need and won’t use.

“But… but, it’s a lifetime deal! Maybe I’ll need it down the road and this is my chance to grab it and save a TON of money on subscriptions in the future!”

Maybe that’s true, impulsive Dave from 2 years ago. But would you like to see my bookmark folder full of shelfware that we bought but never touched?

Fortunately, AppSumo has a generous 60 day refund window. So you can go ahead and load up your shopping cart and grab as many deals as you’d like. Just be sure to actually try out the different software, figure out if you’ll actually use it, and refund any deals that you know you don’t need. Take it from me and Impulsive Dave.

Brerro Bootcamp

FINALLY – a bonus deal that is 100% exclusive for Self-Employment Sidekick readers – Brerro has opened enrollment for its next Business Foundations Bootcamp. We’ll be kicking off the next cohort on December 7. And if you register before the end of the day November 28, with code SIDEKICK, you can save 30% on any plan. Learn more about the program at And remember to use code SIDEKICK at checkout.

So that’s a quick run down of some deals on services in my personal toolkit. There’s more tools. There’s more deals. Share some of your favorites in the comments below. Heck, you can even drop your own affiliate links if you’d like. And be sure to subscribe to my channel and hit the notification bell because I’ll probably be highlighting a few more deals over the next few days for you to consider. I’ll also be adding to the list of deals here if any more sprout up.

I hope this was helpful. I hope you can find some good deals. But more importantly, I hope you enjoy your week. Let’s celebrate Thanksgiving well, and give thanks for all of the things we already have.

I am thankful for you. Let me know if there’s anything I can do to help you move forward in your self-employment journey.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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