Introducing the Sidekick Sheet!

I made a thing!

Introducing the Sidekick Sheet. A simple tool to keep you organized and moving in the right direction.

Is it a daily planner? Is it a weekly planner? Yes! In short, it’s what you want to make of it. There is a lot of flexibility baked into the design to accommodate your routine and preferences. You’re not constrained to a fancy hard-bound journal (as much as I love them myself) with a limited number of premium pages that you’re too intimidated to actually write on.

Print as many pages as you need. Stack them up. Recycle them when you’re done or 3-hole punch them and keep them in a slick leather binder. The choices are endless!

Here’s a quick rundown of the template.

There are seven main sections:

  • North Star Statement – Your personal mission, “Why” statement, mantra, or other purpose statement to keep front and center. Why are you doing what you are doing? Why do any of the other tasks on this sheet matter? Write that down here.
  • Focus Tasks – Choose up to 3 “primary” tasks that you are going to work on. These are the activities you need to take action on to move toward success.
  • Additional Tasks & Appointments – Don’t forget to return those library books and get that Facebook post drafted. Keep track of all of the smaller tasks you need to take care of, but keep them separate from your Focus Tasks and don’t let them steal away momentum from what matters most.
  • Don’t Do List – What are you going to give up today in order to stay focused and set yourself up for greater success?
  • Connect – Healthy relationships and a strong network are a key ingredient to personal and business growth. Is someone on your mind today? Write their name down and commit to reaching out to them.
  • Brainstorms & Blocks – Are you getting hung up on something? Or do you have a new idea that you’re really excited to flesh out? Be careful not to let it steal away too much attention from your Focus Tasks. Jot down any questions you need to answer or fun ideas you want to develop and return to them later.
  • Celebrate – Record your biggest wins of the day/week, or write down something you are really looking forward to enjoying later. Celebrate your progress and keep yourself motivated.

Download the Sidekick Sheet for free. Just fill out the form below!

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